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"E-Z Fit Hi Grip"® Safety
S&A® grip safeties have been designed to fit the 1911 style frame contours in the lower grip area while maintaining the high grip capabilities.

Notched for most commander style hammers. Extra wide to fit the width of most 1911 frames in the market place. Extra long trigger block arm to accommodate all 1911 style pistols.

Available in stainless or blue, standard or "PalmSwel."

"E-Z Fit" jigs are available for all styles of S&A® grip safeties. Teflon washers for no scratch installation.

When ordering please specify make of 1911 that the grip safety will be installed on.

.220 & .250
fitting jigs available

Please specify radius.

(.250 Fitting Radius) - $56.95

GS Std. SSarticle - Standard Stainless Series 80
GS Std. BL S80 - Standard Blue Series 80
GS Std. SS S70 - Standard Stainless Series 70
GS Std. BL S70 - Standard Blue Series 70
GS PS SS S80 - "PalmSwel" Stainless Series 80
GS PS BL S80 - "PalmSwel" Blue Series 80
GS PS SS S70 - "PalmSwel" Stainless Series 70
GS PS BL S70 - "PalmSwel" Blue Series 70

(.220 Fitting Radius) - $56.95

Reccomended for Springfield mil spec frames

SP GS Std. SS S70 - Springfield Standard Stainless S70
SP GS Std. BL S70 - Springfield Standard Blue S70
SP GS PS SS S70 - Springfield "PalmSwel" Stainless S70
SP GS PS BL S70 - Springfield "PalmSwel" Blue S70

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