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All Mag Guides available with Lanyard Loops.
Please add an additional $10 dollars to the price of the Mag Guides with Lanyard Loops. Lanyard Loops are not available on aluminum parts.

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Government Model Mag Guide
The Original "S&A Mag Guide"® is the only one piece patented mag guide on the market place (Patent #4,570,370).

It is one of the most practical and usually the first custom part one installs on their 1911 pistol. It can be installed with ease in minutes with no frame modifications. The "S&A Mag Guide"® increases the magazine opening over 100%. Once installed on the frame it fits solid. No welding required. Adds 1/4" to grip for extra leverage and recoil control. 20 LPI checkering for the maximum grip retention.

Government model will fit all full size 1911 frames including Commander, Delta Elite, Double Eagle, Auto Ordanance, Kimber & Springfield. Available in aluminum and also available in Slim Line.

GMFS - Gov't Model Flat Stainless
GMFB - Gov't Model Flat Blue
GMAS - Gov't Model Arched Stainless
GMAB - Gov't Model Arched Blue
GZFS - Grizzly Flat Stainless
GZFB - Grizzly Flat Blue
Officers' Model / Springfield
Compact & Ultra Compact

Same fine features as the Government Model Mag Guide. The only difference is a shorter main spring housing. When ordering specify make of pistol. Available in aluminum and also available in Slim Line.
OMFS - Officers' Model Flat Stainless
OMFB - Officers' Model Flat Blue
SCFS - Springfield Compact Flat Stainless
SCFB - Springfield Compact Blue
OMAS - Officers' Model Arched Stainless
OMAB - Officers' Model Arched Blue
SCAS - Springfield Compact Arched Stainless
SCAB - Springfield Compact Arched Blue
Para Ordnance Mag Guide
Increases the magazine opening to the rear where it is needed without increasing the overall size of the frame. Fills in the unsupported area behind the magazine base pad for a more secure grip. The 20 LPI checkering will give maximum grip retention. (Please know model style before ordering)
POFS - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Flat Stainless
POFB - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Flat Blue
POAS - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Arched Stainless
POAB - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Arched Blue
POFS - P13 Para-Ordnance Flat Stainless
POFB - P13 Para-Ordnance Flat Blue
POAS - P13 Para-Ordnance Arched Stainless
POAB - P13 Para-Ordnance Arched Blue
POFS - P12/P10 Para-Ordnance Flat Stainless
POFB - P12/P10 Para-Ordnance Flat Blue
Full Para Mag Guide
(Minimal Frame Modification)
Full Para Mag Guide has been designed for the competitive shooter and open carry such as law enforcement & military operations. Not recommended for concealed carry (Patent #5,621,995).

The Full Para Mag Guide increases the magazine opening by an additional 50%. No edges to impede magazine insertion and with the 60º angle into the magazine opening is a guaranteed hit every time you reload.

Minimal frame modifications can be done with hand tools. Full instructions and a measuring tool are provided plus a picture of the modified frame to use as a guide. Once installed it fits securely to the frame. (For P14/P15/P16 ONLY) Available in aluminum.

FPFS - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Flat Stainless
FPFB - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Flat Blue
FPAS - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Arched Stainless
FPAB - P14/P15/P16 Para-Ordnance Arched Blue

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